What is the OncoSET Precision Medicine Program?

Designed to provide personalized evaluations and customized treatment plans for patients with cancer, the OncoSET Clinic is a new patient-centered concept in clinical care within the Lurie Cancer Center — based on the foundation that each individual and every person's cancer is unique.

An Unprecedented Approach to Precision Medicine

Lurie Cancer Center OncoSET takes a personalized approach to the delivery of precision medicine. Located on Northwestern's Chicago medical campus, the OncoSET Clinic combines genomic sequencing, and sophisticated molecular analysis with standard pathology to identify new, individually tailored treatments and clinical trials for patients whose cancers are resistant to traditional therapies.

Evaluating the integrated test results is a team effort. The Lurie Cancer Center has established the OncoSET Molecular Tumor Board, an essential component of the clinic, to discuss each patient's medical information and recommend a personalized treatment plan based on their tumor's unique genomic profile. The board includes world-class physicians and scientists, including medical, surgical and radiation oncologists, molecular pathologists, radiologists and pharmacogenomics specialists (who examine how genes impact a person's response to drugs).

The Power to Deliver Personalized Therapies

OncoSET harnesses the power of precision medicine to identify tailored therapies for patients based on the abnormal genes specific to their tumor. This breakthrough program targets tumors from any type of cancer that is not responsive to standard forms of treatment, driven by three vital steps:

  • Sequence to determine the makeup of a tumor using genomic analysis
  • Evaluate and discuss the genetic profile with the Lurie Cancer Center's OncoSET Molecular Tumor Board, a multidisciplinary group of leading physicians and scientists
  • Treat based on a personalized plan, with a targeted therapy or a new treatment being studied in a clinical trial

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