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Hippocratic Cancer Research Foundation

Often referred to as the "father of medicine" for his lasting contributions to the field, Hippocrates was revered as the ideal physician and admired as a teacher. The Hippocratic Oath is considered a rite of passage for doctors to this day, setting the highest ethical standards for compassionate care, respect for patient privacy and sharing scientific knowledge for the benefit of future generations. Hippocrates' approach to scientific discovery and empathetic care has inspired the establishment of the Hippocratic Cancer Research Foundation (HCRF).

Our Mission

Nearly half of all men and one-third of women in the United States will develop cancer during their lifetime. The mission of the Hippocratic Cancer Research Foundation is to discover, develop and implement effective new treatments for patients with cancer by advancing groundbreaking research. Our goal — to eliminate cancer and save lives — is ambitious but achievable.

The Hippocratic Cancer Research Foundation's diverse network of donors will provide the philanthropic support to fund interdisciplinary research teams at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, empowering their world-class investigators to join forces and address the most urgent questions in the fields of cancer biology and oncology in daring and innovative ways. By investing in "out of the box" research, with an emphasis on translational cancer research, the HCRF will accelerate and heighten the impact of scientific discoveries.

View a presentation by Leonidas Platanias, MD, PhD on Recent Advances in Cancer Research and Therapeutic Approaches.


The Wings to Cure Annual Gala

On Saturday, November 10, HCRF raised more than $3.5 million to benefit high-impact translational research at the Lurie Cancer Center. “I Will Survive” was the theme of the black-tie event, attended by more than 600 guests at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

2018 Gala Photo Gallery

Hellenic League’s Crystal Ball and Debutante Cotillion

Proceeds raised by the more than 470 guests will benefit Hippocratic Cancer Research Foundation. Read more about the winter wonderland-themed event

Contact Us

Rodrigo Leanos
Rodrigo Leaños
Philanthropy Associate, Benefactor Relations 
Phone: 312-926-7393

 Founding Board

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess  
Katherine of Serbia

Hon. Greek Minister of Tourism,
Mrs. Elena Kountoura

Mr. Alex Afshari

Mrs. Susana Alberti de Berdakin

Mr. & Mrs. Kosta Apostolopolous  

Mr. Chris Atsaves

Dr. Angie Beltsos

Mr. Diego Berdakin

Mr. & Mrs. John Bodine

Mr. & Mrs. Nikolaos Bonatsos

Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Borys

Mr. & Mrs. Elias Boufis

Mr. George Bousis

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Bousis

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cronin

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Devir Unanue

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Diamond

Mr. Robert S. Fakhouri

Mrs. Susanne Fein

Mr. & Mrs. Themis Galanis

Mr. Tom Gialamas

Mrs. Susan Gutfreuned

Mr. & Mrs. John Harris

Ms. Candace Jordan

Mr. and Mrs. John Kampas

Mr. Peter G. Karahalios

Mrs. Cheri Kaufman

Rev. Father & Presv. Chris Kerkeres  

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kosmidis

Dr. & Mrs. John Kotis

Dr. & Mrs. Hercules Logothetis

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Logothetis

Mr. Angelo Loumis

Ms. Annasophia Loumis

Mr. & Mrs. John Manos

Mrs. Filisa Mantas

Doctors Dino & Tina Mantis

Mrs. Stella-Alexia Mantzaris

Mr. Anton & Dr. Michele Marano

Mrs. Kristina McGrath

Mr. & Mrs. Joe McMahon

Mr. Jay Michael †

Mr. Matt Norkett

Doctors Louis & Lisa Palivos

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Palivos

Ms. Eleni Papantoniou

Dr. Chris Pavlatos

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Pissios

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Pritzker

Mrs. Vonita Reescer

Mr. & Mrs. Alex Samoylovich

Mr. & Mrs. Ilan Shalit

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Sianis

Mrs. Eleni Tzotzolis

Mr. & Mrs. Haralambos Tzotzolis

Mrs. Marianna Vardinogiannis

Mrs. Roza Vologin

Mr. John Weigand

 Founding Committee

Mrs. Helen Alexander

Dr. Christina Argentos

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Arvanitis

Ms. Sabrina Auer

Mr. Evangelo Bousis

Ms. Victoria Bousis

Dr. & Mrs. George Bovis

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Cantalupo  

Mr. & Mrs. Lou Canellis

Hon. Peggy Chiampas

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Coutretsis

Mr. & Mrs. George Dana

Ms. Anna Davlantes

Ms. Nike Demacopoulos

Ms. Maria Dollas

Mr. Niko Drakoulis

Ms. Kristine Farra

Mrs. Claire Florence

Mr. Michael George

Ms. Pat Gerbanas

Ms. Susanna Homan

Ms. Bonnie Hunt

Mr. Dean Kaliakmanis Jr.

Ms. Kathy Kaporis

Mr. Nick Kavadas

Mr. Christos Kiosses  

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Klopas

Mrs. Eleni Kouimelis

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Man

Mr. Dimitri Minakakis

Mrs. Anna Gonis O'Connor

Ms. Anastasia Palivos

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Palivos

Mr. & Mrs. Andrea Papantoniou

Ms. Bianca Pigounakis

Mr. Nick Pissios

Mrs. Julie Platanias

Ms. Martina Platanias

Mr. Mark Roberts

Dr. & Mrs. George Skarpathiotis

Mr. & Mrs. George Sourounis

Mr. Constantine Stamatakos

Mr. Elliot Taylor

Ms. Vera Tkach

Doctors Dimitri & Lina Tsoukas

Mr. & Mrs. Taso Tzotzolis

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Xenos

Mrs. Maria Daskalakis Zervas

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