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H Foundation Pilot Project Award Recipients High Throughput Screening and Medicinal Chemistry

A generous donation from the H Foundation is providing five investigators with awards for new, cancer-relevant pilot projects that require the use of Northwestern University’s High-Throughput Analysis Laboratory (HTAL) and/or its ChemCore facility.  H Foundation funds will be provided directly to these facilities on behalf of the awardees.  

Both of these core facilities reside within Northwestern’s Center for Molecular Innovation and Drug Discovery. The HTAL allows investigators to screen large libraries of compounds to identify those which alter specific cellular or biochemical processes.  It can assist both with assay development and with data analysis. Services of the ChemCore include medicinal and synthetic chemistry, cheminformatics and molecular modeling, and small molecule purification services. The HTAL and ChemCore can be utilized in tandem to discover and optimize compounds that target processes important in cancer and other diseases. 

The five awardees and their projects are:

Navdeep Chandel, PhD
Professor of Medicine

Identifying novel regulators of HIF-1α protein stabilization using a small molecule library screen

John Crispino, PhD
Professor of Medicine

Identification of novel DYRK1A inhibitors for treatment of pre-B cell and T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Tomoko Hayashida, MD, PhD
Research Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Development of an inhibitor specific to the gamma isoform of PI3K, a novel target for cancer treatment

Brian Mitchell, PhD
Assistant Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology

Characterization of a novel small molecule microtubule inhibitor

Alexander Statsyuk, PhD
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Transforming the Future: Targeting the Ubiquitin System to Treat Ewing’s Sarcoma

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