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New IDP Research Innovation Challenge Award Recipients Announced

A generous supplementary donation from the Sherman Fairchild Foundation has allowed the Lurie Cancer Center to fund an additional IDP Research Innovation Challenge Award in 2015. The IDP Challenge Award will support the study, Cytoarchitectural Dynamics Drive Breast Cancer Invasion

Team members are:

Chonghui  Cheng, MD, PhD
Chonghui Cheng, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Feinberg School of Medicine
 Kathleen  Green, PhD
Kathleen Green, PhD

Professor of Pathology,
Feinberg School of Medicine
Brian  Mitchell, PhD
Brian Mitchell, PhD

Assistant Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology,
Feinberg School of Medicine


IDP Research Innovation Challenge Awards foster innovative, team-driven, cancer research projects that are translational in nature, cross-disciplinary and collaborative in design and conduct, and can lead to the procurement of a federally-funded multi-PI grant.

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