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First Translational Bridge Program Award Recipients Announced

The Lurie Cancer Center is pleased to announce the recipients of the first Translational Bridge Program award, established to foster the translation of basic science research into clinical advancements.

Four Lurie Cancer Center investigators will receive funding to support a Postdoctoral Bridge Fellow in their laboratories for one year. Under the co-mentorship of these investigators and a partnering clinician, Bridge Fellows will design and execute a translational project targeting a specific cancer type. The aim of the Fellows’ work will be to ultimately propel laboratory work into investigator-initiated clinical trials.

The awardees, their clinical partners, and the focal point of their research project are:

Ovarian Cancer

Vadim Backman, PhD
Biomedical Engineering

Shohreh Shahabi, MD
Gynecologic Oncology


Breast Cancer

David Gius, MD, PhD
Radiation Oncology

Cesar Santa-Maria, MD


Brain Cancer

Thomas O’Halloran, PhD

Jeffrey Raizer, MD



Ali Shilatifard, PhD
Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Jane Winter, MD


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