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Cancer Immunology Working Group

The Cancer Immunology Working Group aims to discover and define new mechanisms, targets and strategies that are translationally relevant for effectively treating patients with cancer. Enthusiasm for immunotherapy has recently been reinvigorated by large, Phase III clinical trials demonstrating pro-survival effects on cancers that have been refractory, poorly responsive or recurrent, even after other forms of treatment (e.g. melanoma, non-small cell lung and renal cancer). However, the lack of universal improvement, related to immune-mediated anti-tumor efficacy, highlights the critical requirement for better understanding of the targetable immunologic mechanisms among the diverse forms of cancer.

Our group’s central hypothesis is that an in-depth understanding of cancer immunology, holistically and comparatively among individual malignant subtypes, will inform the development of improved approaches that enhance anti-tumor efficacy and overcome immune suppression. Our program of research is highly diverse and encompasses experts that are directly and indirectly investigating mechanisms specific to cancer immunology. It is the intent of this working group to cross-pollinate and provide outside perspectives with the hope of sparking new initiatives and ideas that will translate into next generation therapies and cures.


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