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Publications, Presentations & Abstracts

Presentations & Abstracts

  • DeLancey JO, Matulewicz RS, Schaeffer EM. Temporal trends and factors associated with overuse of neoadjuvant androgen deprivation therapy in low and very low risk prostate cancer. ASCO Genitourinary Cancers Symposium 2017. Orlando, FL. February, 2016
  • DeLancey JO, Matulewicz RS, Ko O, Schaeffer EM. Trends in use of androgen deprivation therapy with radiation in high and very high risk prostate cancer patients. American Urological Association Annual Meeting, Boston, MA. May 2017
  • Engelhardt KE, Feinglass J, DeCamp M, Bilimoria K, Odell D. Declining Use of Surgical Therapy for Early Non-small Cell Lung Cancer in the U.S. AATS Centennial General Thoracic Surgery Simultaneous Scientific Session: Management of Early Stage Lung Cancer. Boston, MA. May 2017. (accepted for presentation and will be submitted for publication)
  • Engelhardt KE, Feinglass J, DeCamp M, Bilimoria K, Odell D. Pattern of Surgical Care for Octogenarians with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer. Abstract submitted to Academy Health Research Conference 2017 and Academy Health Surgical and Perioperative Care Interest Group 2017.
  • Engelhardt KE, Bilimoria K, Odell D. Association between Mediastinoscopy and Short-term Surgery Outcomes: a Retrospective Cohort Analysis of ACS-NSQIP. In preparation.
  • Engelhardt KE, DeCamp M, Yang A, Bilimoria K, Odell D. Primary Mediastinal Sarcoma: Analysis of 1,116 Patients. Submitted to Southern Thoracic Surgeons Association for presentation, manuscript in preparation.
  • D. Brock Hewitt, John Oliver Delancey, Jeffrey Wayne, Karl Bilimoria. National Practice Patterns of Completion Lymph Node Dissection for Sentinel Node-Positive Melanoma. (submitted to American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress)


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  2. Macke RA, Schuchert MJ, Odell DD, Wilson DO, Luketich JD, Landreneau RJ. Parenchymal preserving anatomic resections result in less pulmonary function loss in patients with Stage I non-small cell lung cancer. J Cardiothorac Surg. Apr 01 2015;10:49.
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