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Chicago AYA Symposium

This video collection contains 14 sessions focused on common challenges encountered when providing care to Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA) with cancer. The sessions include expert insights, interventions, and resources to address these concerns. Faculty includes local Chicagoland cancer specialists, national experts in AYA cancer care and the voices of AYA survivors themselves. This symposium was sponsored by the Coleman Supportive Oncology Collaborative for Adolescent and Young Adults and recorded in May-June of 2021. Click below to access the videos. The down arrow in the navigation pane will allow you to view all topics and play the desired recording.

Session Topics Include:

  • The Existential 2021 AYA
  • CSOC AYA – Efforts & Outcomes of a Quality Improvement Collaborative
  • Most AYA Discussions are Difficult: Connecting with AYAs from Diagnosis
  • Conversations about Cryopreservation
  • Learning to Cope with Battle Scars and Body Image
  • Sexual Health – How to have “the talk”
  • Enrolling on AYA Cross-Network AYA Clinical Trials
  • Adherence to Oral Chemotherapy
  • Minimizing Symptoms and Maximizing Quality
  • Cannabis: Considering its benefits and risks as a therapeutic and/or recreational substance
  • Transitions of Care
  • AYA Panel - Dear Healthcare Providers: What we want you to know about AYA’s needs
  • Psychosocial Challenges for AYAs in the 21st Century