Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
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Research Programs

The physicians and scientists at the Lurie Cancer Center study the causes and behavior of cancer to develop more effective approaches to prevention, detection and treatment.

With significant research in basic, clinical, prevention and control, behavioral and population-based investigations, in addition to interactive research that bridges these scientific areas, the Lurie Cancer Center upholds its National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation as a Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The Lurie Cancer Center's research programs are organized around members' strengths and foster interdisciplinary coordination and collaboration.

Research Divisions

  • Basic Sciences
    Investigates all aspects of cell function with the goal of developing new diagnostics and therapeutics.
  • Clinical Science
    Seeks to enhance cancer care through innovative research into cancer genetics, novel therapies, stem cell transplants and better treatment options.
  • Population Science
    Focuses on identifying modifiable lifestyle factors, gene-environment interactions and chemopreventive agents for cancer prevention and developing new technologies.