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For My Friends and Family

By Sheena Gibbs

gibbs.jpgOut of many I was one
One bad cell became one small tumor
became one big problem

looking around for the answer
25 diagnosed with cancer

doctors nurses test results
results tears console consult

because of you
I am stronger
because of you
I will live longer

for my friends that cried in their beds
for the nurse with extra pillows for my bed
for the sun that rose set and promised tomorrow
for the rain that washed away my sorrow

insurance first
treatment second
feelings last

looking towards my future
cheers to the past

the G in gravity that holds me down
no car you're the bus that gets me around

for the atheist that love me when I sound like a christian
for the ones that missed me I missed you more
for the ones that love me
I love you mi amor

when you held my hand when I couldn't walk
when you opened your ear for me to just talk

if I could buy you a gift it would be too cheap
if I could tell you the words but i can't speak

If I never told you this I will say it again
thank you eternally i love all my friends

Sheena Gibbs was 25 when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.