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Kristin Smith Discusses Fertility Preservation at NCCN Policy Summit

smith_kristin.jpgOn May 6, Kristin Smith, Fertility Preservation Patient Navigator at Lurie Cancer Center, shared insights on fertility issues faced by people with cancer as a Keynote Speaker at the National Comprehensive Cancer Network’s (NCCN) Oncology Policy Summit focused on how sexual and reproductive health can impact people with cancer before, during, and after treatment.

NCCN’s Chief Executive Officer, Crystal S. Denlinger, MD, began the summit by encouraging conversation and action. “We can't overlook the importance of quality of life for people being treated for cancer and those in remission. High-quality cancer care means addressing any barriers preventing patients from living their best possible life,” said Denlinger, who previously served as Chair of the NCCN Guidelines for Survivorship.

"Patient navigators help guide patients through the healthcare system and overcome barriers," said Smith about exploring and expanding options. “Fertility preservation navigators can help bridge the institutional and interdisciplinary boundaries that exist for patients who need expedited care."

Lurie Cancer Center is a founding member of NCCN, an alliance of leading cancer centers devoted to patient care, research, and education. NCCN is dedicated to improving and facilitating quality, effective, equitable, and accessible cancer care so all patients can live better lives.

Watch this video to hear from Kristin Smith about her role

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