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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

H Foundation NCI Stimulus Awards

Through the generous support of the H Foundation, the Basic Sciences Research Division is able to provide support for projects to stimulate grant applications to the National Cancer Institute (NCI). In the current funding environment, these resources from the H Foundation can play a critical role in maintaining the productivity of high-impact basic science research programs.

The H Foundation NCI Stimulus Awards provide $20,000 of support for faculty who have either submitted and received a score on an RO1 grant to the NCI for the first time in their career or have submitted a competing renewal of NCI-sponsored R01 research that missed the payline. If additional funds are available, awards will be made to other faculty for new, first-time NCI RO1 submissions that are scored but not yet funded.

If you have an NCI competing renewal that received a score but was not funded and you plan on resubmitting a revised version of the proposal, let your program leader know, as we will contact them for input on the project.

Eligibility and Process

These awards are available to full members of the Lurie Cancer Center who are specifically affiliated with one of the four Basic Sciences Research Programs. In order to be considered for an H Foundation NCI Stimulus Award, the applicant should submit:

  1. A brief cover letter explaining how the proposed research described in the RO1 application to the NCI advances cancer-related discovery research at Northwestern University
  2. The NIH Research Summary Statement from the submitted grant
  3. The NIH Biographical Sketch/CV, including support pages of the applicant

Applications should be sent to Kathleen Green, PhD, via Jodi Johnson.

As a condition of funding, awardees will be expected to submit a written progress report two months prior to the end of the project year.

Applications for both types of these awards will be reviewed on a rolling basis and accepted until the funds for the year are expended.

Leadership in Basic Science Programs

Associate Director, Basic Sciences Research
Kathleen Green, PhD

Cancer Epigenetics and Nuclear Dynamics
Ali Shilatifard, PhD
Sadie Wignall, PhD

Membranes, Organelles and Metabolism
Navdeep S. Chandel, PhD
Curt Horvath, PhD

Tumor Environment and Metastasis
Hidayatullah G Munshi, MD
Carole LaBonne, PhD

Cancer and Physical Sciences
Vadim Backman, PhD
Gayle Woloschak, PhD