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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Head & Neck Cancers

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The Northwestern Medicine Head and Neck Program provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for patients with benign or malignant (cancerous) tumors of the face, head and neck. In partnership with the Lurie Cancer Center, the program brings together highly specialized experts in the research and treatment of head and neck cancer to develop and deliver individualized treatment plans based on each patient’s unique needs.

Head and neck cancers often affect swallowing, speech, hearing and appearance, and can have a major impact on an individual’s quality of life. The Northwestern Medicine Head and Neck Program is one of only a few programs in the Midwest with a multidisciplinary team of highly specialized experts dedicated to the treatment and care of patients with all types and stages of head and neck cancer.

Our experienced surgeons use minimally invasive techniques and leading-edge technologies to manage complex head and neck cancers. In addition, advances in chemotherapy, radiation therapy (alone or in combination with chemotherapy), and novel therapeutic approaches available to eligible patients through clinical trials enable our treatment team to dramatically improve outcomes while preserving long-term quality of life.

Our specialists collaborate across a wide range of discipline to provide exceptional, patient-centered care. Our team unites medical, surgical and radiation oncologists, endoscopic surgeons, oral oncologists, and maxillofacial prosthodontists, plastic (reconstruction) surgeon, otolaryngologists, neuroradiologists, speech pathologists, nutritionists, physical therapists, psychologists and other supportive oncology team members who can help patients and their families manage the emotional and practical challenges of the disease.

Our Experts

Our experts work together in a multidisciplinary team (including dedicated, talented nursing staff and Lurie Cancer Center’s Supportive Oncology Team) to help create a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan and provide you with exceptional support. Get to know our physicians and the many other experts who will play an important role in your care.

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Clinical Trials

The Lurie Cancer Center is typically involved in more than 300 clinical trials at a given time, covering a broad range of subjects that may be relevant to your diagnosis. Browse our clinical trials to participate and help test new treatments.

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Patient Support

We offer a number of services to help patients and their families cope with the challenges of cancer treatment.

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