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Associate Director, Education and Training - Marcelo Bonini, PhD

Associate Director, Education and Training - John D. Crispino, PhD, MBA The associate director for Education and Training is appointed by and reports to the director of the Lurie Cancer Center. In this role, Marcelo Bonini, PhD, oversees and coordinates all of the Lurie Cancer Center’s education and training activities, including regional and national events, as well as public education programs.

Bonini oversees Lurie Cancer Center’s training programs across a wide range of disciplines for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, clinicians and under-represented students. He also directs Lurie Cancer Center’s philanthropic resources in support of graduate training. As a member of the Executive Committee and Leadership Group, the associate director plays a key role in setting strategic direction, policy and priorities for the cancer center.

Dr. Bonini’s laboratory research is supported by NIH grant funding, and focuses on determining how changes in the nucleus regulate gene expression patterns in cancer cells and macrophages. He joined Northwestern in 2020.