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How It Works

Thanks to advances in technology, our specialists can come to a robust understanding of a tumor’s specific genetic drivers to find the most precise treatment plan for each patient.

The process begins with a simple blood draw for a liquid biopsy. In some cases, a traditional tissue biopsy is an option, as well.

Using next-generation genomic sequencing, OncoSET physicians are able to pinpoint changes in specific genes and produce a comprehensive profile of each patient’s tumors.

OncoSET can deliver effective cancer care to patients who are not responsive to current standard forms of treatment. The program is designed for patients who have advanced disease solid tumors (stages 3 and 4) and who are deemed fit by their physicians for complex evaluation and planning assessment (including additional molecular testing and potential clinical trials).

The innovative three-step process takes about three weeks:

oncoset-sequence.jpgSequence: Profile the Tumor

  • Our team takes a sample of your blood.
  • We complete molecular/genomic testing to analyze changes in specific genes.

oncoset-evaluate.jpgEvaluate: Determine the Results

  • The Molecular Tumor Board reviews and extensively discusses your personal results, then creates a summary report.
  • We recommend a personalized and precise treatment plan based on your tumor's unique genomic profile.

oncoset-treat.jpgTreat: Using Targeted Therapies

  • We share a comprehensive summary of your test results, including your individualized program and treatment options.

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