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OncoSET Precision Medicine

It’s a concept that seems simple, but it is transforming the field of cancer care and research: Each cancer — just like each patient — is unique.

The OncoSET Precision Medicine Program is a patient-centered approach where treatment is truly tailored to the individual. By identifying the unique features of a patient’s tumors, our physicians can offer the most effective, precisely targeted therapies based on personalized evaluations and treatment plans.

Following three vital steps -- Sequence, Evaluate and Treat -- this breakthrough program targets tumors from any type of cancer that is not responsive to standard forms of treatment. Find out more about the program and our team:

  • How It Works
    The process follows three vital steps: sequence, evaluate and treat.
  • Molecular Tumor Board
    Learn about the multidisciplinary team meetings to devise an optimal treatment plan for each patient.
  • Our Team & Partners
    Meet our world-class physicians and scientists, and our philanthropic partners.
  • Contact Us
    Find our location and contact information
  • Watch our Video
    Learn how our personalized approach helps physicians provide precisely targeted treatments.

Join us in harnessing the power of precision medicine to identify personalized therapies and clinical trials based on each individual’s unique molecular profile. Learn more about the OncoSET Programs for people with Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer and GI Cancers.