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Christine Rini Appointed Director of the Cancer Survivorship Institute of the Lurie Cancer Center

Christine RiniChristine Rini, PhD, a social/health psychologist and highly respected expert in cancer survivorship has joined the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University as director of its Cancer Survivorship Institute (CSI).

Rini is also a professor of Medical Social Sciences. Prior to joining Northwestern, she was director of the Cancer Prevention and Control Program at the John Theurer Cancer Center and a professor of oncology at Georgetown University / Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. Her NIH-funded research focuses on psychosocial factors that facilitate or hinder adjustment to health-related challenges, including making decisions about managing high risk for cancer, reducing physical symptoms such as pain, and recovering physical and emotional health after cancer treatment. 

As director of the Cancer Survivorship Institute, Rini will provide skilled leadership and a deep understanding of the unique medical, physical and psychosocial challenges many patients face after cancer and its treatment. Rini will also serve as leader of the Lurie Cancer Center’s Cancer Control and Survivorship Program. In collaboration with program co-leader, Melissa Simon, MD, she will facilitate efforts to reduce the burden of cancer and cancer-related disparities from diagnosis and treatment through survivorship.

Established in 2013, the CSI integrates state-of-the-art clinical care and translational research, bringing clinicians and scientists together to develop evidence-based programs and high-impact tools designed to promote long-term wellness and quality of life for cancer survivors. “We are excited to have Christine join Northwestern Medicine as director of the Lurie Cancer Center Survivorship Institute and our Cancer Control Program,” said Leonidas Platanias, MD, PhD, director of the Lurie Cancer Center. "She is a strong leader, and her presence will strengthen our programs and profoundly benefit our patients.”

Rini will work closely with the CSI’s medical co-director Sheetal Kircher, MD, to offer patients individualized survivorship care and education, including treatment summaries and survivorship care plans. The CSI offers disease-specific survivorship clinics, including the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Survivorship Program, as well as Lurie Cancer Center’s Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Program and the STAR Program (Survivors Taking Action and Responsibility) for adult survivors of childhood cancer. “Dr. Rini brings a wealth of experience to our cancer control and survivorship programming. We are very excited for her to engage with our faculty to create better health and well-being for our patients,” said David Cella, PhD, Chair of the Department of Medical Social Sciences at Feinberg and Associate Director for Prevention and Control Research at the Lurie Cancer Center.

She will also collaborate with Sofia Garcia, PhD, director of clinical research, Judith Moskowitz, PhD, director of integrative oncology, and Timothy Pearman, PhD, director of supportive oncology in the CSI. “We extend special thanks to Sofia and to David Victorson, PhD for their dedication and service as interim co-directors during this transition,” said Dr. Platanias.