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Mohamed Abazeed, MD

Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology

Mohamed Abazeed, MD

Research Program

  • Translational Research in Malignancy (TRIM)


mabazeed( at )

Cancer-Focused Research

As a physician scientist trained in clinical oncology, genetics, cancer genomics, computational biology machine learning and biostatistics, I am interested in basic research to discover mechanisms that underlie the susceptibility of tumors to treatments, clinical research on new treatments and translational research to combine these approaches to improve outcomes of patients with cancer. The goal of my laboratory's trans-disciplinary research program is to develop an information-capability at the forefront of personalized medicine in oncology. My dynamic, well-trained team is composed of both dry and wet lab investigators committed to rigorous and impactful science. Our overall goal is to individualize cancer care by helping physicians recommend treatments based on the genetic, imaging and clinical features of individual tumors. Every project in the laboratory is committed to more "precise" cancer therapies as greater precision translates to improved responses in patients and less treatment-related toxicity. We demonstrate this commitment through projects that seek to enhance our understanding of inter- and intra-tumoral heterogeneity, tumor evolution and alterations in the genome that regulate resistance. We also use inductive and deductive mathematical and computational methods to explain biological and clinical phenomena and to unify seemingly disparate variables to predict therapeutic responses to individual anti-cancer therapies

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