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Career Enhancement Program

William Catalona, MD -  Core Director
Simon Hayward, PhD -  Core Co-Director

The Career Enhancement Program utilizes a highly structured mechanism to select and mentor junior investigators interested in careers in prostate cancer research.  The Career Enhancement Program (CEP) uses several mechanisms to recruit these investigators including emails, letters to department chairs and web site announcements.  In addition, the Directors of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center and the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center advertise the CEP when recruiting junior investigators to their respective Institutions. CEP investigators are selected after careful review of their credentials, their proposed projects and their potential to develop an independent career in prostate cancer research.  Career Enhancement investigators are clinicians or basic scientists from biomedical science departments at Northwestern University, University of Chicago and NorthShore University HealthSystem.  The fact that the awardees come from a variety of departments provides a source of diversity and scientific expertise to members of the SPORE Program.

Current Awardee

Adam Gordon, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology
Development and Prospective Validation of a Trans-Ancestry Polygenic Risk Score for Prostate Cancer

Contact Us

To learn more or to apply for the CEP or a pilot award, please contact Robin Leikin, PhD.