Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
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Joshua Meeks, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Urology; Feinberg School of Medicine

Joshua Meeks, MD, PhD

Research Program


joshua.meeks( at )

Cancer-Focused Research

My research laboratory is focused on the molecular pathways involved in the progression of urothelial carcinoma (bladder cancer). My research has two themes: 1) to investigate the epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation in bladder cancer and 2) to identify the interaction of the immune response to tumor mutations. My basic and translational research overlap with my urologic oncology practice focused on urologic cancer. I established my laboratory at Northwestern University in the department of Urology with strong affiliation among scientists in the Lurie Cancer Center and Northwestern University. As a practicing urologic oncologist, I have unique insight into the disease process and the clinical relevance of this research with access to patients to enroll in clinical trials. I am a member of the GU committee for SWOG and the translational medicine coordinator for SWOG study 1602 and have an investigator initiated clinical trial study intravesical immunotherapy for BCG-refractory bladder cancer at Northwestern. In summary, I have demonstrated a record of clinical and research training and established strong collaborative networks with experts from highly relevant oncology fields to investigate and complete the proposed project.

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