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Adult Survivorship Clinics

The Adult Survivorship Clinics offer comprehensive and disease-specific services to patients who see a medical oncologist, surgeon or radiation oncologist at Northwestern and have completed their initial treatments.

We currently provide disease-specific survivorship care for:

Our specialized physician assistants and nurse practitioners address issues frequently experienced by survivors, such as fatigue, pain, neuropathy, cardiovascular disease, sexual dysfunction, lymphedema, bone loss and memory problems.

We work with your oncology providers to create a tailored Survivorship Care Plan with a surveillance schedule that includes screening for other cancers. The plan will include:

  • A schedule for follow-up visits, screening tests, and labs
  • Common side effects of treatment with suggestions and treatment options
  • Screening recommendations for late effects of cancer treatment
  • Wellness recommendations aimed to decrease risk of recurrence and improve quality of life and overall health

Your visit will also include counseling and education on optimizing health and wellness with referrals to experts in the Lurie Cancer Center as needed. We’ll perform a physical exam, giving special attention to potential late effects of treatment and any functional limitations that may impact daily living.

To make an appointment or learn more about the Adult Survivorship Clinic, call 312-695-0990.