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Transgenic & Targeted Mutagenesis Core Facility

The Transgenic & Targeted Mutagenesis Core Facility is a university-wide shared resource dedicated to generating genetically-modified animals for investigators within the research community at Northwestern University and its affiliate institutions. Transgenic and gene targeting technologies are used to generate animal models in which the complexities of gene function and regulation can be studied. The ability to either express or functionally inactivate, in genetically modified animals, defined genes in a developmentally- and tissue-specific manner has lead to significant insights into and the understanding of the role genes play under both normal and abnormal conditions in many different and diverse fields of scientific study.

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Services & Equipment

 Key Services

  • CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing
  • Pronuclear Microinjection
    • Generation of transgenic mice
    • Transient transgenesis
  • ES cell microinjection into Blastocysts
  • Gene targeting
    • ES cell targeting
    • Generation of chimeric mice
  • Rederivation of pathogen free mouse strains
  • Cryopreservation of mouse embryos/sperm
  • Recovery of cryopreserved mouse lines


Please acknowledge the Transgenic and Targeted Mutagenesis Facility in the acknowledgement section if you publish results using the mice that we help you generate. It is essential for our continued funding and success.

"The genetically engineered mice were generated with the assistance of Northwestern University Transgenic and Targeted Mutagenesis Laboratory.”

If you are a Lurie Cancer Center member, please also add:

“The Northwestern University Transgenic and Targeted Mutagenesis Laboratory is partially supported by NIH grant CA60553 to the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center at Northwestern University.”

Core Navigator

For guidance on which cores may be most useful for your research and to coordinate use, please contact Core Navigator Sara Fernandez Dunne at or 847.491.5960.